Advent Calendar Challenge!

In the long (hopefully snowy) winter nights ahead of us, lighting an advent wreath in the evening seems very cozy to me. Now my wife came up with this nice minimalist advent wreath:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
So why am I talking about advent wreaths? Well, Franziska also came up with another brilliant idea: in order to decorate it, I am to bring something from my sit spot every day! This inspired me to challenge you to do the same.
Go out every day, even if it’s only the walk to the station on your way to work. Ideally, visit your sit spot every day. Then just bring something small home with you. Decorating your wreath day by day will also work as an advent calendar for you: every day you will receive one surprise from nature if you open your ears and eyes! You only have to go there to take it home.
What to bring?

  • of course, you can just take something decorative from your strolls.
  • even better would be something you don’t know: a leaf, a twig with buds, etc. After bringing it home, you can try to identify if using books, the internet etc. and learn something about it!
  • Another good possibility is taking something that reminds you of a special moment outside, of an encounter with a certain animal, a bird you saw etc.

On Christmas you will have 24 memories of special moments from outdoors, maybe you will have learned something about the plants and animals in your vicinity, and you will have paid a lot of attention to the natural world around you. You then just might as well keep going!
I will update you every week and show you what I have found and observed. I think the marvelous moments you will experience in nature should be enough to encourage you to do the same and share your observations here in the comments. Have a great time, I am already very curious to hear from you!

Ein Kommentar

  1. Eine wirklich schöne Idee, auch was den Aspekt der Nachhaltigkeit angeht. Der ganze (Plastik-)Klimbim, der sonst an Adventskränze gehängt wird und nach Weihnachten wieder irgendwo verstaut – wenn nicht sowieso in die Tonne geschmissen – werden muss, entfällt. Die gefunden Schätze können dann in andere Projekte eingearbeitet werden oder gehen wieder in den natürlichen Kreislauf zurück. Gefällt mir sehr. Gute Teamarbeit, Herr und Frau Straubinger!

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