Hello and welcome to my homepage!

Here I blog about different topics that somehow deal with nature and/or philosophy and my profession as a nature guide and garden planner. If you are interested in booking a tour with me or would like to learn more about ecological gardening, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Nature and Philosophy

About me: I have been passionate about both nature and philosophy for many years, so long that I couldn’t imagine giving up on one of them. While I chose to study philosophy I also have been outdoors quite regularly. During my M.A. studies in Innsbruck  I worked for the Naturpark Karwendel, and continue to do so after graduating in 2015. I completed my training as a hiking and nature guide in 2012 and have since been guiding on a regular basis. Furthermore, I specialize in Tracking Animals, Observation and Survival Skills. For those also interested in both nature and philosophy, I have several times already offered a philosophical nature tour.

If you’re interested, you can simply book me for one of the established tours around Innsbruck, especially in the wild and beautiful Karwendel mountain range, or suggest another destination (everywhere in the world) and we can plan a route together or I just organize everything – as you wish.

Ecological Gardening

The idea of designing wonderful ecological gardens that bring back the biodiversity that  has often been lost in our industrialized landscapes, has an appeal to me that is hard to describe. By using indigenous plants we can bring the whole ecosystem back into our gardens – you will be surprised about all the bees, butterflies and birds that will come and visit you. Make your garden their home!


Feel free to drop me a line!
…or give me a call:


  • M.A. in Philosophy and B.A. in German Literature
  • Training for mountain hiking guide and for nature guide
  • Further training in Tracking/Survival skills etc


Other languages/Autre langues/Altre Lingue

I speak english rather fluently, je parle français avec plus de joie que de savoir, mais ça va, e io parlo anche un pochino italiano.


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